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Reno 3d-wip by ~Ka-bu-ki on deviantART

I manage to finish some stuff that’s pure fun. Working on the Reno- and Tseng-morphs as well as on an Elena- and Rude-mesh.
And I have an image in mind. But to complete said picture I’ll need at least 20 working hours…

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the cheesy x-mas post had to come at some time

Suddenly I feel oh so x-masy. It’s the first time ever I decorated my home for the holidays. And it will be the first Christmas, I’ll have a tree.

My parents and my brother decided we’ll celebrate Christmas Eve at my place. And my mom asked if we could go to church. I’m not delighted about the idea, but I know it’s important to her. She never forced us to go, and she agreed on sitting in the last bench, so Dad and me are able to run have a decent retreat if it’s too much for us XD

And tonight – I just enjoy the evening. Working on the promised Reno-Render (finally) and feel as relaxed as I haven’t in ages.

(this is just the first test – lots and lots of tweaking ahead ♥)

All IM-Services are turned off, a cat is curled up at my sofa, wasting one or two suspicious views on what I’m doing (and Nekojita – I begin to understand all your posts about your cats ♥ I’m so happy that Jamie and me get along so damn well. And I know – it’s not me who has a cat, but Jamie who has a human XD)
And once more I have to apologize for not keeping up with any events. It’s the first weekend in months that’s not stuffed with appointments or homework … so a delayed HAPPY BIRTHDAY to certain people ♥♥♥
And comments to pictures and stories will follow soon … I hope XD

Originally published at SMOKINGBUNNY. Please leave any comments there.

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Title: Killing Fields
Fandom: FF VII
Rating: mature
Pairings: Reno/Tseng, Rude/Elena, hints of Tseng /Rufus, hints of Reno/anyone who isn't by One up on the next tree, Cloud/Tifa
Language: German (!!!) sorry folks, but native tongue is German, and I feel way more comfortable writing fiction in the language I can speak fluently.

Schildkröten im Paradies )
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[livejournal.com profile] vulpes_demonica and her fic Lace for the following sketch.
Just couldn't help myself ...

Image behind the cut isn't worksafe - except your boss likes males wearing a corsage.

Boys can look good in it )

Will clean up the rest of the lineart tomorrow. And am not quite sure if I'm going to color it or keep it in b/w

Why write?

Jul. 15th, 2008 05:56 pm
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I stuck with the translations of my fanfictions. To be precise - I'm too lazy at the moment to do so after work. And more or less in the mood to draw and sketch.
So I ended up with another doujinshi-project.

Butterflies isn't on hiatus, but the story will be rather dark, and I must admit it contains some autobiographical stuff - my personal way to cope with the shit that happened over the last five years. And it's though to draw and write it.

Perfection (Working title) will be lighter and I try to keep it in the traditional manga-style. And knowing myself I will fail miserably ^^

first pannels (w/o text) )
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Fearless by ~Ka-bu-ki on deviantART

Just a quick Reno-Sketch. For some reason I hate to draw him (ok, it's the hair that drives me nuts ^.^)
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But I'm still alive! More than ever!
Finally all boxes are empty. And within the next week I get a new mobile phone with a camera so that I can take some pictures of my new home.
My Mom just dropped in yesterday - and at first she was shocked about the size of a room. I can't blame her.
I moved from a 53 qm² apartment into a 12 qm² room. BUT I'm so happy with the decision. The people I'm living with are awesome. Both in their very own way.
M is rather quiet (and such a bishi ^.^) while K is the complete opposite to him. Punk-girl trough and trough. I already regret that she's going to move to Hamburg in September.
Is it so silly, that I have the feeling that this will be the best summer I had in ages? Is it so silly, that I have the feeling I'm catching up with something I've missed during the last years? And I have the first sunburn of the year. Bad thing to fall asleep on the balcony.

Whatever by ~Ka-bu-ki on deviantART

Besides enjoying the summer and settling down I use my free time to work on the doujinshi. 15 pages are already finished. But they need some revision. And I suck at cell-shading ^.^
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Pairing: Reno x Tseng
Rating: PG-13 for language
Warnings: none - still stuck in office time ^^ The smut follows once the boys clocked out
Written during another cigarette break

Clocking in (9:23 am) )
Ink Spot (10:04 am) )
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Not betaread and written during a cigarette break
Pairing: Reno x Tseng
Rating: PG-13 for language

Office electronics )

Exchange of Fluids )
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It's all because of [livejournal.com profile] nekojita. I really should be sleeping right now. And I tried. But I made the big mistake to read her latest FF VII fic. And ended up with this really, really strange Reno-Image in my head.

It's just a quick sketch (remind you - actually I'm in my bed, sleeping and dreaming of electric sheep ^.^)

And it's not really worksafe unless your boss is into Catboys.

*meow* )

And now I'm really off to bed.


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