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Ripped the new Advent Children Complete Trailer in High Quality from youtube
The mp4-version can be found here. Still have to figure out, how to encode it into a decent .avi-file.
Also made tons of screenshots, which I will upload later tonight. All High Quality - so the .zip's will be huge.

And since I'm in complete Fangirl-mode, I also made some Avatars.

Credits are always ♥
Some more can be found here

Originally published at Solokuenstler.

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So [livejournal.com profile] 0_noctifer_0 and me came up with this really stupid idea to write a short Rufus/Tseng Story.
After the first basic clean up we have more than 10,000 words and are in the middle of the second chapter.

But writing bastard!Rufus and bastard!Tseng is way to much fun.
And a pretty good distraction from rl!-Shit. Worked on so much css and html that I had no time/no nerve to make a new layout for my lj or ij. Which has high priority on my private to-do list for months.

But I was so braindead the last week that I managed to trash a completely working script, because I believed (I really believed) I had already copy/pasted the changed .div class into the correct css.
Damn, you can screw up PHP quiet easy.
As long as you believe you're right and PHP is wrong.

if ($u !='stupid') {
else {
   exit ();

I was so damn lazy, that I have about six drafts of comic-, manga-, anime-, and movie-recommendations that all need to be finished.

Only thing I managed in my free time was to open Photoshop and make some Icons.

if anybody is interested, the rest can be found at here

Oh, and I wrote a short one-shot for my best friend, who plays the best!Elena ever in any Final Fantasy VII RPG.
I love this one, although it's completely crack (and German)

Sonnenbad )

Hope, that I get some other of the just-for-fun-stuff done tonight.
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It was such a lazy sunday for a change and I had the time to experiment a little bit with Photoshop and not the muse to draw or write. Still stuck in the middle of Killing Fields Chapter 5, which is going to be epic. Some Reeve-bitching, more Rufus-bitching, bitchy Tseng and lots of blood and gore ...
Anyways, here's the preview:

42 more Icons are hiding behind the cut )

and you know the drill - credits and comments when taking one or more is ♥
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Don't know why I'm recently into those 100x100 things.

[4] The Gazette
[3] Final Fantasy Doujinshi
[6] Firefly

more )


Feb. 18th, 2008 10:27 am
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Edit: Since I changed my web-address all icons can now be found at Solokuenstler.net

Cloud Icons

Feb. 9th, 2008 12:03 am
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Originally published at Solokuenstler. You can comment here or there.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15

And I want to end up with 100×100x100 Oo

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