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A love that’s not shared by my neighbors. But there’s nothing better than turn up the volume while doing the homework for my java-class.

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I love Girugamesh – I really do.
They played at Wacken last year – c’mon: WACKEN … THE Open-Air festival every metelhead should have been to at least once in his life.
And now Girugamesh comes up with Crying Rain.

It’s a nice song. And that’s the problem – it’s nice. And somewhat generic. Eyecandy to watch and sappy lyrics to listen to. Nothing to remember after the mp3-player picked another random song.
And that from a band which came up with Kowarete iku Sekai – still one of my favorite songs.

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My neighbors hate me. They really do. After my pre-b-day depression yesterday, I'm in an awful good mood this morning.
☆☆☆Thanks to Noc and Arki for the lovely b-day wishes.☆☆☆

Getting ready for work and jamming to the new Alice Nine PV:

My neighbors hate me *trallala*

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Eh, well ... another Tseng-image Oo
Started as quick coloration-practice. And was influenced by the music I was listen to.

Kowareta Iku Sekai by ~Ka-bu-ki on deviantART

I really love girugämesh
and don't care about the senseless ä-Umlaut in the name

Full lyrics for  Kowareta Iku Sekai are behind the cut.

Lyrics and Video )
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The lovely vulpes_demonica just caused some major drooling.

Okay, the whole thing is really … back to the 80’s. But damn, it’s hot. And did I ever mention I have a serious kink on guys that are not afraid to polish their fingernails?
Just causes severe nosebleed.

So join the 4:50 minutes of fangirling…

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… and guess who’ll be there. ^.^
21.10 in Cologne

… sometimes it feels sooo good to be a Fangirl :)

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It’s horrible late or horrible early - depends on the point of view. Due to my toothache I slept the whole day trough and am now awake, although I feel quite numb because of the medicamentation.
Damn, I hate all dentists Oo Have a serious trauma since I watched the first time Marathon Man. The torture scene in the movie is nearly as worse as the one in Itchi the Killer - talking about the part with the boiling water. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I mean. Gives me personal creeps.
Must be the time, that I’m writing about such things ^.^

But I’m a masochist anyways. Stuck at the moment at the third level of this crazy riddle.
And listen to Taia, a pretty cool japanese Band I just recently discovered.

For a change a Band with a female lead singer. And I make myself some coffee now, and decide that’s early in the morning and not late in the night Oo

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… of my own passions. I know, this is getting boring, but it took some time until I realized what kind of freedoms I have now. For example listening to the new Dir en grey-CD at three a.m. in the morning.
I really like it and I know where I’ll be at my birthday: WOA!!!! The line-up just kicks ass. The poor guys who I play Guild-Wars with were scared when I freaked out the moment I read that Dir en Grey will play. Maybe I should use the mute-button the next time I become a fangirl.

I’m so happy that I finally going to see them live at concert here in Germany and don’t have to travel to Japan or the US. For one short moment I hated everybody living in L.A. Aural Candy covered the JRock Revolution Festivalwith great pictures and blog-entries.

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Woooho - I fixed broken stuff and finally remembered to update the Guild Wars-Board and other links. (And cleaned my appartment … what a a sunday. And had to go to the dentist - but that’s enough of socks-mia-stories).

And since I hate two-lines posts, here’s the Unsraw PV ^.^

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I was searching for Shoxx magazine scans when I found this really nifty site. The scans have quite a good quality - only thing that annoyes me on a pure personal basis a little bit is the fact that they are hosted on imageShack … it takes way to long to load them.
Another really nice site with great Gazette images is this blog. Unfortunatly I don’t understand a single word - but the pictures just rock.
Okay, maybe you already noticed that I have a complete fall back in a really old addiction: JRock … which leads to the other topic.
My site and forum. Which finally has a new layout, fitting more to the overall appearance.
I have a vague idea what I am going to do with the forum - a german Jrock/Visual/Gallery-Thing. Have to sleep over this another night and need to find a way for a good promotion.
And the second news of the day: I have an affiliate now. Arki and me finally managed to put the links on the sites. We have an exchange between galleries in mind. If anybody wants to join, drop me a line.

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Originally published at Solokuenstler. You can comment here or there.

Saturday evening, I have my glass of red wine and clean out the hdd … same as cleaning out the personal closet. Throwing away stuff which is of no use anymore.
The old summer collection, if you know what I mean. Interestingly lots of my pin up-images ended up in the trash. Private Observation here - although my little muse decided to come back … ehr, the connection between Pinups and my muse? Well, I figured I have to go back to the basics and for some reason which I can’t understand these basics mean to model a car.
So Kabuki (!!!) is cussing about a Toyota. The Idea: Car and model - and here we have the Pinup again.
It’s a longterm project …

The other longterm project: saving the money for Tokyo next year in autumn. Around 1,500 € - and I hope this time I will be able to meet some people I wanted to meet in real live for a long time (Donations are welcome =^.^=)
Just had my short moment of Jealousy when I sawBal’s Photos =^.^=

Excuse me, but I realize more and more that this becomes a personal blog too. Still not the dirty details here, but I am really buisy atm and have no time to update more than one blog on a regular basis.
And since I know some people really read my scribblings - a big thanks to you. I am quite sure you know who I mean and for what =^.^=
And Arki, I know you hate me for this, but the following Gackt-Video is for you :P

… the voice =^.^=

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Originally published at Solokuenstler. You can comment here or there.

Well, I guess the world has me back again - not quite sure if the world will be happy about it … but I am.
Moved to a new appartment, have a new job and something I call my own live. Anyways - I hope I find the time to update this site more frequently again.
There are diffrent projects I have in mind and are in discussion what I will do with this site.
Unfortunatly my muse has no nerve to reinstall my Poser-Runtime for me, and there was still so much to do, that I haven’t found the time either.

Modeling is another topic - really have to get back into it and in the meantime I drink coffee and become slightly depressed when I see what Arki is doing. The lady just rocks … and people, keep an eye on her. I know something you don’t know and it will kick a**

Hm, maybe I shouldn’t play so much Guild Wars - but when I come home in the evening I feel so dull I can’t do anything more than chasing minions over my screen.
But that will change in a short time. All a question of routine.
Which I had a complete lack of.
And for sure - I will not run Amok like the guy in the town I used to live at. Honestly - Emsdetten gives you the creeps. My first thought was: ‘Hopefully the idiot deleted his hdd’ … of course he didn’t. And so - like every year - we have the discussion about violence and pc games.
It’s so damn easy and even if the regulations for ego-shooters become stricter, it will not change a thing. Mobbing in schools will continue …

Drifting off here a little.
But have something nice for you too - the adult version of Tokio Hotel … I hate this visual kei ripp off! Anyways, found another group I really like: Girugamesh. Just ordered the CD. But in the meantime the link to Youtube.com

Finally have an account at Youtube :) And now - workworkwork … to quote stupid Warcraft-orcs

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Originally published at Solokuenstler. You can comment here or there.

GAZETTE IS COMING TO GERMANY !!! (and I give a fucking damn about the screaming) Just read it at the Batsu J-rock Forum and it caused some major drooling. Gazette is the only band at the moment which puts me back in the fangirl-mod. Horrible, I know … but you know what, I don’t care. I sit here, with a stupid smile on my face and try to get my hands on tickets for the concert.


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