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Title: Killing Fields
Fandom: FF VII
Rating: mature
Pairings: Reno/Tseng, Rude/Elena, hints of Tseng /Rufus, hints of Reno/anyone who isn't by One up on the next tree, Cloud/Tifa
Language: German (!!!) sorry folks, but native tongue is German, and I feel way more comfortable writing fiction in the language I can speak fluently.

Schildkröten im Paradies )
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und an der Schlaflosigkeit - aber gerade gibt es ein wildes Plotbunny das einfach los gehüpft ist.
Ich verkrieche mich ja jetzt schon für die bescheuerte Idee. Aber dieses Bunny muss einfach raus.
Bisher existiert nur der Draft, aber die Nacht ist ja noch jung *sigh*

wip )
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Kurzer Drabbel, in einer halben Stunde runtergetippt um den Schreibblock zu überwinden, der mich im dritten Kapitel von Killing Fields überfallen hat. Backstory für meinen!Tseng und dessen zynische Weltansicht.
Warnungen: Das übliche. Und garantiert kein Fluff.
Rating: R
Widmungen: Für Noctifer und Lazalantin (ich hab echt Mühe die tollwütigen Plotbunnies im Schrank zu halten)
Charakter: Tseng

Filmriss )
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A/C: Kurzes gen-ficlet, das als wildes Plotbunny in meinem Kopf herum hüpfte, nachdem ich Lazalantins grandioses 'Schwerter' gelesen habe.
Warnungen: wie üblich Sprache - ich schreibe keine nett sprechenden oder denkenden Turks; Gewalt
Disclaimer: Alle Rechte bei Square-Enix
Widmung: All denen, die mir so nette und konstruktive Reviews geschrieben haben, und meine Meinung teilen, das FF VII viel mehr ist als nur Bubbelgumm-Emo-Cloud und Super-Sexy-Ga...eh Genesis
Prompt: The Measure of a Man

Happiness is a warm gun )
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Fearless by ~Ka-bu-ki on deviantART

Just a quick Reno-Sketch. For some reason I hate to draw him (ok, it's the hair that drives me nuts ^.^)
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I wish my English would be better. I really wish. Writing Reno in German feels kind of awkward. It's so hard not to let him sound like a complete idiot.
But on the other hand - German is my native language and I can toy with the words, the way I like it.
I think I'm really developing my own style at the moment. And I'm writing like crazy, having so much fun with badass Turks.

*meaow* Me loves badass Turks. And a dark Final Fantasy setting. Guess in my head it becomes more and more a Melange of Blade Runner, Full Time Killer and Brother with a spice of Neuromancer

Anyways, I will use the time tonight for some more writing. Everybody else is watching soccer - so I have the time and muse to finish the piece I'm currently working on. Me against Clown!Reno.
I really can't imagine sleeky Reno as funny sidekick and preferre the original FF VII version ^.^
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I wanted a clean and simple layout - I really wanted ... but well - it's me. And as longer as I work on the new site the more things I find, I want to change.

Me needs more color. Working on somewhat of a retro-scheme that will keep the green, a little bit of blue and the egg-white.
At least I found a nifty alternative to gallery2. Something that isn't as quite as bitchy.
So, the gallery is working ...

And maybe I manage to finish the other stuff too I wanted to do this weekend. Like finishing the 16th page of my doujinshi or the Yuffi/Rufus-fanfic I promised Terazuma ... no idea which Muse stormed through the door with this plotbunny. But it's already ~1300 words and fun to write.

And on a completely different note: I like the new wordpress-thingy. After first confusion I figured it's really easy to handle. And the best (for me) I figured some of the coding. Like I said: Layoutmania.
Will change the headlines and probably the font too. Not quite sure about it yet. And as Arki pointed out, I need new banners ...
Oh joy - it's weekend ^.^
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Title: Hinter den Spiegeln
Rating: PG-13
Language: German
It's basically the draft for the English Version and I just post it here, to have it somewhat of archived besides the Animexx-Site. Knowing myself the final version will be much longer.

Hinter den Spiegeln )
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Pairing: Reno x Tseng
Rating: PG-13 for language
Warnings: none - still stuck in office time ^^ The smut follows once the boys clocked out
Written during another cigarette break

Clocking in (9:23 am) )
Ink Spot (10:04 am) )
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Not betaread and written during a cigarette break
Pairing: Reno x Tseng
Rating: PG-13 for language

Office electronics )

Exchange of Fluids )


Feb. 21st, 2008 09:37 am
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First chapter-thing of my personal Reno/Tseng-arc, beta-read by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] nekojita (thanks so much, hon)

Title: Twilight
Author: Kabuki
Pairing: Reno x Tseng
Words: 8002
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Reno on top, mm, the usual ...
Disclaimer: Do not own a single mentioned chocobo - all rights belong to squenix

Twilight ) hell, alone the editing was a pain in the ass *sigh* Hope it's now readable


Dec. 11th, 2007 07:58 pm
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Originally published at Solokuenstler. You can comment here or there.

HausdracheKenoI.D. (Where's the SIN?)

I know, I repeat myself - but I HATE Christmas. At least at the moment. I make three red crosses when it’s the 24th.
Finished most of the linearts for the presents for … lots of people. Good thing is, I become faster in sketching, drawing and painting.

By the way, on an insanity scale from 1 to 10 I rank myself now around 8. It’s strange if you start to draw your own rpg-chars ooc.
And I want to make a batch of new icons for myself. Turks ftw… I like them as the badass guys with a severe alcohol problem. (Smirks in Arki’s direction).

And I want to write tonight. Can’t see lines anymore. Speaking of writings and fanfiction - Nekojita has updated her Art of Cruelty-fiction. Jeez, I’m such a sucker for her writings. And I finally managed to read it … ALL!!! (Never mention again, that I’m writing long chapters ^.^).

Tomorrow evening I will upload the next batch of Final Fantasy-Doujinshi. So much more prettiness.

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Originally published at Solokuenstler. You can comment here or there.

Time OutArtwork and Fanfiction…
My Muse is going crazy these days. I have so much fun to write and to paint. Too bad I can’t clone myself. And I try a lot of new things with Photoshop and Painter.
And lots of things go wrong - I’m one of the people who should better use tons of layers. Merged the Lineart from the Tseng-Fanart down to the background-layer … big mistake.
I tried to rescue as much as possible - and funny thing is I know now how to draw realistic hair. But I still have problems with folds.
Got the idea for the image (for a larger version just click on the thumb) while writing the second chapter of Toxication, still rated R - and believe me, Tseng and Sephiroth aren’t the easiest pairing to write. But … they’re hot - at least in my opinion. (Yeah, I know I’m into strange pairings =^.^=)
Acid BurnAnd at this point the livejournal- and Fanfiction.net-versions are the same. Which will change in a few days I think …Will start to write the third chapter tomorrow. And it’s going to be another long one.
And I have to clean up a certain Sephiroth-doodle (ATTENTION: Link is not quite worksafe!!!).
Thanks to Abuze’s excellent tutorial I found a solution for my Lineart problem. Me is a really happy girl now =^.^= (The Seph-image IS a doodle - I sketched it while talking to Arki via skype, and chatting the same time with Ambrosewulf.)
The coloration on the Akira-image is really sloppy, it was just a test for the linearts, but still I really like it. And (just mention it, since I’m German and I don’t want that there’s any missunderstanding) - the bandage at his arm is more or less a reference to MINAMI OZAKI’S awesome work, which I really admire.
The logo included within is from Saeder Krupp, a Mega-Corp in the Shadowrun-universe.
On a last note: I finally managed to re-upload some of my older images. The female Pin Ups are up again, just check my gallery if you’re interested.
I will upload all my bishi-pictures within the next few days. (I hope)

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Author: Kabuki (kabuki-at-solokuenstler-dot-de)
Fandom: FF VII
Pairings: Tseng/Sephiroth (eh, and hints on some others ^.^)
Rating: R (for now)
Warnings: Only language so far, some violence (this is going to be long, and I haven't found any plausible reason why to start directly w/ the smut =^-^=)
Disclaimer: Not my boys, Square-enix will not sell them to me, but every girl needs something to play with ^.^
Previous chapter: Vestiges

Toxication (2/?) Sector8 Blues )
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Here I sit with a mug of delicious freshly brewed Arabica coffee and refuse to look at the watch at the lower right corner of my screen. Decided that it would be a good idea to go to bed early (means before 2 am).
Did so - and woke up just 30 minutes ago. And the worst: I feel awake. And I want to write.
This is truly the Muse's revenge - have locked up the poor thing for nearly five years now. And I think she really enjoys her new gained freedom. And I can do so, since I have the day off.
I'm not sick anymore but I have to work part time the next two weeks since I got sick at the beginning of the job training. And they will have another course starting in the second week of December.
The shift plans were all set at Monday and me popping in on Thursday was a little bit unexpected - unfortunately.

And now my call for help:
I really practice my grammar and hope that the flow of words will become better with writing on a regular basis. But I need Beta-readers. Any volunteers? I can offer virtual cookies and lots of love ^.^
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Originally published at Solokuenstler. You can comment here or there.

Have finished nearly 3/4 of the second Toxication chapter. Damn, I really struggle with Sephiroth’s description. And good thing (for me) is that I write the whole thing from Tseng’s pov. All cool and objective. ^.^
Honestly, I just can’t imagine Tseng in fanboy mode: ‘oh, he’s sooo pretty’ ‘Oh those eyes *faints*’
And I have no idea why I have such a kink on guys with long black hair ^.^
Or why I’m into such strange pairings lately - ok, to be honest … I wasn’t into any fandom for a long time. And when reading some threads at the Advent children.net forums I better keep it that way.

Ehr, and complete change in topic - but my best friend just paid me a visit today and we spent some time synchronizing our youtube list
And I have a new favorite ^.^

It’s so hilarious - just check it out

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Author: Kabuki (kabuki-at-solokuenstler-dot-de)
Fandom: FF VII
Pairings: Tseng/Sephiroth
Rating: R (for now)
Warnings: Only language so far - pretty obvious hints on Rufus/Reno

Disclaimer: Not my boys, but every girl needs something to play with ^.^

Author's note: Dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] nekojita, [livejournal.com profile] ambrosewulf and [livejournal.com profile] theblackraven (because they rock ^.^ and I promised them a story since ... uhm ...ages)
It's not beta-read yet, so please don't kill me for funky grammar mistakes since I'm not a native English speaker.
Will contain spoilers for CC, BC, FF VII, AC (it's going to cover the whole damn story arc. I just suck at one-shots ^.^)

Toxication 1/? )
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Originally published at Solokuenstler. You can comment here or there.

I have finished the first chapter of my fanfic. Finally ^^ - sorry I needed to get it out of my head. And since I’m official still sick till Thursday I had to write it today.
Will catch up w/ posts and mails now (*cough* I feel guilty) and finish a morph of a certain crazy guy (winks at Arki)

And I’m just happy that I’m done with the first chapter.

It isn’t beta-read yet and probably stuffed with funky grammar mistakes.
But it’s the first story since five years I’m going to publish. The tamed version can be found at FanFiction.net, the full one (yeah, the NC-17 version) will be put up at my LiveJournal.

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