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One more really tough programming-test on Friday and a c++-assignment which is also due on Friday and I'm done for this semester.
I probably need a lot of coffee this week. But to take it from the positive side: it's so hot at nights, that sleeping is nearly impossible. So I can fill up the hours with work, instead of throwing me in my bed from one side to the other.
My cat dislikes the humid heat as I do ... we're both frigging Europeans :) and not used to temperatures around 35┬░ Celsius.

Just when I was finished complaining about me having not a job during my summer-break, an old friend of my Dad called and asked, if I could help him to set up a web-shop. And here's the big difference: A year ago I would have said yes, and wouldn't ask for money.
This time my first question was: How much are you willing to pay. Capitalism got me XD.

But Gamescom is coming up in August and this month I want to make a trip to D├╝sseldorf.
Btw, I'll be at Cologne from 8/18-8/22. At least during the daytime and maybe for a party or two if I find a catsitter.

I’m sane

Jan. 9th, 2010 02:40 pm
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… at least I hope so. We have to do this crazy project at school. SEO for beginners. And somebody came up with the great word ‘Kernzerteilungsmaschine’ – well, finally I entered the competition and my Kernzerteilungsmaschinen development blog is in progress.
I know, it’s German and it will not make much sense at the moment. And the layout is the WP-Standard for the beginning. Have to code a decent one asap.
And now I’m cheating I ask for a little help – if anybody hasn’t anything better to do, it would be so helpful sweet, if ‘Project Kernzerteilungsmaschine’ could be mentioned and linked in lifejournal posts or/and at facebook notes. twitter also serves the cause XD

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Just three more tests to go – tomorrow and Monday will be hell for me. Tomorrow I have to write a test in java-programming. And it’s not the programming itself which drives me nuts. Actually I love it. Who would have thought so one year ago? For sure I wouldn’t…

But I have to catch up on math. Haven’t done that for ten years. And I had to realize that I miss some basics. Basics I need at Monday for the math-test *droop*


But for today I closed my books. Informationoverflow at the moment.

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Just a little thing I came across while doing my homework – hexspeak.
And suddenly I have a relation to the whole converting from one base to another. Maybe it’s my sense of humor, but to use 0BADF00D to clear locked index.dat files shows that Microsoft’s programmer are still human.
I need silly stuff like this magic numbers to find a grip on mathematics. They make my inner child happy.

… and just because I have to practice the hardcoding of tables, here are some more examples

Code Description
0xCAFED00D ‘cafe dude’ is used by Sun JAVA as a magic number for their pack200 compression
0xDEADBABE ‘dead babe’ is used by IBM Jikes RVM as a sanity check of the stack of the primary thread
0xCAFEBABE ‘cafe babe’ is used in Java to identify Java bytecode class files
my personal favorite: 0xDEADDEAD ‘dead dead’ is the bug check (STOP) code displayed when invoking a Blue Screen of Death either by telling the kernel via the attached debugger, or by using a special keystroke combination

And no … I will not waste a single thought on the fact that stuff like this puts a wide grin on my face.

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