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Jan. 9th, 2010 02:40 pm
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… at least I hope so. We have to do this crazy project at school. SEO for beginners. And somebody came up with the great word ‘Kernzerteilungsmaschine’ – well, finally I entered the competition and my Kernzerteilungsmaschinen development blog is in progress.
I know, it’s German and it will not make much sense at the moment. And the layout is the WP-Standard for the beginning. Have to code a decent one asap.
And now I’m cheating I ask for a little help – if anybody hasn’t anything better to do, it would be so helpful sweet, if ‘Project Kernzerteilungsmaschine’ could be mentioned and linked in lifejournal posts or/and at facebook notes. twitter also serves the cause XD

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And what a year it has been.
With too much ups and downs to count. But nevertheless the best year of the decade. Seems my personal magick number is the 09. And although my friends believe I’m the personification of a working triangulate system …
(yes, no, maybe – yeah, right … in 20 years you’ll be able to distinguish a PC’s gender by this. For sure.

“My PC thinks dual – it’s male.”
“Lucky one. Mine isn’t sure, if she should install the latest updates. And as much as I tell her, it is okay – she always ask if I’m sure about it. If I’m absolutely sure about it. And if I’m not telling lies to please her.”

- and now I better don’t ask myself why I have to giggle at the moment.)

… I found my personal recurrent theme. And finally I’m glued to it. Schemes and Systematics. My keywords for ‘09. And hopefully for the rest of my life.
Welcome to Geek-town.

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… schools official memo regarding the swine flue:

…2. Sollte jemand in Ihrem Haushalt erkrankt sein, ist das kein Grund mehr, nicht zur Schule zu kommen (mit etwas Ironie: somit k├Ânnen Sie die Krankheit besser verbreiten).
(roughly translated: Should be somebody sick at your home it’s not a reason to stay away from school (ironically: you’re allowed to spread the virus)

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My internet connection wasn’t working the last few days. So I had only school to keep in touch with the world. Sorry for any missed mails, pm’s and calls Oo
Jamie is doing great so far. Me, my bird and him are still alive and in best health. As well as my furniture XD

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I haz cat

Nov. 30th, 2009 06:25 pm
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Since yesterday I have a new house mate. His name is Jamie and he’s a beauty. At least in the eye of the beholder – in this case, it’s me.


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But school’s eating up most of my resources at the moment.

And I will not bitch about it – I feel as happy and good as I haven’t in years. I could bore you with structure charts of simple things I have to write in Java. But I better keep my mouth shut – or some people are going to kill me XD
Weekends are a bless – for the first time in years I can really appreciate those 48 hours off the clock – to sum it up: my live has changed dramatically. And I luv it.
Math is driving me nuts at the moment – logic isn’t really the problem … but I always get confused by the logical ‘and’ or ‘or’ (not to speak about the fragging ‘xor’).
So my private life is on hiatus until Christmas. When I have some time I either spent way too much time at the phone or play Oblivion again. But this year I promised myself I will send cards – so if anybody wants to receive a ‘cheesy’ Kabuki-X-mas card, just write me your address at kabuki-at-smokingbunny-dot-de :)

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Just a little thing I came across while doing my homework – hexspeak.
And suddenly I have a relation to the whole converting from one base to another. Maybe it’s my sense of humor, but to use 0BADF00D to clear locked index.dat files shows that Microsoft’s programmer are still human.
I need silly stuff like this magic numbers to find a grip on mathematics. They make my inner child happy.

… and just because I have to practice the hardcoding of tables, here are some more examples

Code Description
0xCAFED00D ‘cafe dude’ is used by Sun JAVA as a magic number for their pack200 compression
0xDEADBABE ‘dead babe’ is used by IBM Jikes RVM as a sanity check of the stack of the primary thread
0xCAFEBABE ‘cafe babe’ is used in Java to identify Java bytecode class files
my personal favorite: 0xDEADDEAD ‘dead dead’ is the bug check (STOP) code displayed when invoking a Blue Screen of Death either by telling the kernel via the attached debugger, or by using a special keystroke combination

And no … I will not waste a single thought on the fact that stuff like this puts a wide grin on my face.

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SPARTA by ~jg14 on deviantART

still under construction. Working at three sites at the same time to get everything smooth and in order.
Things I need to wrap up:

  • collect my drawings, renders and paintings from different sites to publish ‘em here in a decent and sorted way
  • have to make a list what I’m going to publish here and what will receive a friends-lock at my new lj
  • need more coffee
  • organize widgets
  • finish layouts

… not necessarily in this order.

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This is the third time I switch my blog’s url – hopefully for the last time. And hopefully this will be the last ’socks missing in action’-post at this place.

But for once and only once I have to sum up some decisions I’ve made over the last months.

Life is a bitch – no doubt about it. And I’m not running away. I’ve left enough traces – thanks to the web 2.0. My twitter-account is still the same. I deleted my account at fanfiction.de, what wasn’t a decision I’ve made out of the blue … I also deleted my old Animexx-account (and was clever enough to assure that I keep my ‘kabuki‘-nick) – another step that hurt.

But life has to go on – and I’m at the point where I can’t look back. Although some people might call this a treachery. And it hurts… it f***ing hurts more then I would be able to put in words. I’m the last person on earth who doesn’t value such a stupid thing as friendship.
So, if you want to call my actions a treachery … I can’t change your point of view.

All I can do for now is to put a hold on all this.

I’ll move my livejournal activities to smoking_bunny within the next few weeks. And I’m going to add all the people who are important to me as well as the communities I’ve loved to watch.
And dear f-list … if you want to do me a favor – just add the smoking_bunny-account to your list if you’re still interested in my thoughts about life, universe and everything else. Saves me the hazel to update everything and everybody XD

Within the next few days I’ll concentrate on the appearance of smokingbunny.de – the blog will be reserved for things more general like publishing artwork and posts about nothing and everything in general. I’ll code an extra section for fanfiction and doujinshis – but I’ll need some time for it.

And the ‘Socks MIA’-posts will be reserved for the lj.

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