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the last test of the year.
And I know what I need for Christmas!!!
A fragging PS3.


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… of Square Enix. No doubt about it. And I wish that in Germany would be a market for arcade games. Unfortunately amusement arcades have a bad reputation. First thing that comes to mind are drunken 50-somethings who waste their time in front of slot machines.
So a cool game like Lord of Vermillion will probably never make it to Germany.

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tseng_klamotteJust had to experiment with some clothes – and Poser really hates me. But that’s nothing new. Converted Billy T’s Mod-Suit from M3 to V4 – and still lots of tweaking and post-work was necessary.
Next on the list (and by popular demand) is the Reno-Morph and I’m happy that I have such a bad influence on Arki that she came up with her Fox Hair XD.
On a complete different note – I’m afraid that at the end of this Semester I’ll have tons of Ego-Shooters installed on my machine. Only for studying causes of course. Mechanics of Gamedesign etc blabla… since ages I’m in the mood to waste my rare free time with gaming.

And I have to practice CSS and Halo. I’m such a loser at the moment.

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Nov. 4th, 2009 07:32 pm
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Half of my class caught a terrible cold over the weekend.
Lucky for us we can be sure it’s not the Swineflu … I was the lucky one who already had it.
And how appropriate that I found this little gem – it’s fun to be the virus for once XD

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Spent at least an hour searching for some high-res close-ups of Tseng. And found … ZERO. And all because I want to make a high-detailed 3d-Image.
Does the guy have grey eyes? Or brown? Questions over questions …
and just because I love this scene so much

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… one of the many.

Awesome game concepts like Brütal Legend make me want to buy a PS3.
What will happen anyways as soon as Final Fantasy XIII is published
It’s not the design itself – my first thought was World of Warcraft meets Jack Black (and ♥♥♥LEEEEMMMYYYY ♥♥♥). Nothing that hasn’t been there before. But to combine all the clichés about Metal and Fans of this genre in one game is just awesome.(… says one who has seen Manowar live)
So why do I feel the itch in my fingers to spent money (I don’t have at the moment) for a new Console?
Videogames are a nice and smooth way to leave reality behind – at least for a few hours. But even as much as I love to game I love to create stuff.
And games like this are an inspiration – showing that with enough creativity it’s always possible to make something new.

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To put it the nice way: the weekend was fucked up wasn't like I expected it to be. It was nice in the end, but not at all, like it should have been.
I'm still pretty depressed about it, and about other not really good news. So I keep any updates to harmless blabla.

Image: Konami

Another news from the wired makes me a semi happy bunny.
Castelvania comes to the movies, directed by James Wan, who also directed and produced the first Saw-Movie (the only one I liked, but that's my humble opinion).
A mixture of horror, gore and bishonen is the stuff I need at the moment.

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and it's Ryu.
Back in the good ol' days I always ended up with him as character. Because the combos are so ... easy.

But to quote Wired:
Its like those portraits of Abraham Lincoln made out of laundry lint: You cant help but stand in awe of the sheer determination, but you wouldnt want to hang it in your living room.

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First coffee, checking my usual morning literature.
And especially blueshinra's post caught my interest.
For me is playing Final Fantasy VII like a long walk down memory lane. I love the midi-sounds, the awkward controlling at the PC. And imagine that all pimped up to the standard of modern game consoles makes me shiver.

Contrary to the author of the article I love [...]all this stupid metaphysical j-pop ultra-fashion Nomura bullcrap[...]. And yeah, I admit - I like Advent Children.
But I would really prefer if Square-Enix would start to work on a sequel instead of yet another prequel. A fangirls dream: another Turk-Game on a high end console. (Dream on baby...)

The world of Final Fantasy VII has so many options.
And now when I think about it, having smoked my first two cigarettes, maybe that's the reason why so many different people are attracted to the fandom.
It's so easy to write a sappy Aerith/Cloud-Lovestory or complicated Yuffentine.
There's no restriction in writing either Turk-crack or digging deep into the abyss of the human mind.
And a game which was published eleven years ago and still has so many fans, can't be that bad.

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