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but everybody needs a lunch break time by time - and I've just found another must-watch-asap-video.

2055, the world lies devastated. Humans survive in a divided society between the poor in the outside world living in poverty, and the privileged living inside a giant protective dome. In order to supplement the needs of a decimated population, robots are used heavily to support the workforce. The elite class demand a more aesthetically pleasing and easily integrated artificially life form to work amongst them, so Nana the most sophisticated humanoid android ever is created. Developing intelligence and emotions for faster than the scientists ever anticipated, Nana escapes from the laboratory and goes on the run from The Institute who created her. They want her her back at any cost. (http://electronic-girl.com/top.html)

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First I didn't want to go, then my mom said I have too and finally a guy who I haven't talked with in ages gave me a call and asked if we could meet at the Gamescom.
Who am I to turn this question down? And to be honest - I know it drives a lot of people insane, but I'm best if the planning is spontaneous. Surprisingly everything works best if I haven't had days or weeks before to plan every detail ahead.

DSC00122So at Friday morning I was on my way to Cologne (From my point of view it was an excellent choice that the Convention moved from Leipzig to North-Rhine-Westfalia - train tickets are cheaper.)
When I arrived, my first thought was: OMFGBBQ! Kabuki in heaven... Games, games and even more games. But I wasn't only there for personal entertainment.
Just had to find a way to combine pleasure and work.
Pleasure: Drooling over Games like Tekken 6, Diablo 3, Final Fantasy XIV ...
Work: Meeting people, exchanging business cards, drinking coffee ...

Things I've learned: I can drink coffee, exchange cards and drool at the same time, except it involves Final Fantasy VII.
The apprehension, that fulfilled itself: I was weeping about my PC's Benchmark. And it's more then 13 days till Christmas.

One of my personal highlights was of course the new Guild Wars 2-Trailer. And if I only need a new PC for this game.

A shiver ran down my spine when I watched it for the first time. Seriously.

♥ Although the biggest personal highlight was the cellphone incident ♥ - I'm still pouncing about it.
DSC00120After lots of coffees, a horrible Pizza and even more coffee (and some biz'-talk) I finally left the Gamescom around 7:30pm to meet up with Sphinxeofthenile, Ice_Lady and Naurring. Three absolutely lovely ladies - and I think some people were kind of shocked, when they heard what we were talking about the whole time. To sum it up: It was for fiction-research XD. And I need the song, Ladies!
In the end a rabid plotbunny jumped at me around 3 am in the morning while we we were waiting for my train and dug it's vicious teeth deep into my already fried brain.
A bunny that still causes a major headache. Reeve Tuesti and Lazard in a Bar ...

I would have loved to stay for the whole weekend in Cologne, but to quote my favorite Warcraft-Orcs: 'Work, work, work...'
So I missed the attempts of a lot of Cosplayers to break the world record and lots of other fun stuff. One day isn't for sure enough to see everything - alone the waiting time in front of Blizzard's Diablo 3-Presentation was more than four hours (and that at 2 pm.)
And it's a completely different feeling to attend such a huge Convention as fan or with serious biz in mind. It was the first time for me, so it was really good that I was on my own - but I know for sure that next year I have to go twice (or buy a ticket for the whole week ^.^) and have to drag my Dad with me.

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Instead of hanging out at the Gamesconvention I have to move furniture. And of course it has to be the hottest day of the year so far....
But maybe it's good that I'm not in Cologne. I would probably cry and spent money I don't have on a new PC. I had to make the sad conclusion that upgrading my current machine doesn't make much sense. I need more RAM, a better processor, a new mainboard ... well, just do the math.
Once I have what I want, I have to get so many new games - the trailer for the new id-Game looks oh so tasty

And besides all complaining - the new office rocks. It's so beautiful. And I have a room for my own, I can decorate the way I want. My boss even allowed me to put some of my drawings at the walls.

Edit: My mom just called and asked if I will go to the Gamecon. And she's the opinion I really should. Anybody in the greater Bielefeld Area who wants to share a train-ticket on Saturday?

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Probably everybody has seen the Nirvana/Rick Astley Mash-Up by now. If you don't - CHECK IT OUT. It's hilarious awesome.

More really great Mash-Ups from DJ Morgoth can be found at the Mashupyourbootz-blog.

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My neighbors hate me. They really do. After my pre-b-day depression yesterday, I'm in an awful good mood this morning.
☆☆☆Thanks to Noc and Arki for the lovely b-day wishes.☆☆☆

Getting ready for work and jamming to the new Alice Nine PV:

My neighbors hate me *trallala*

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Eh, well ... another Tseng-image Oo
Started as quick coloration-practice. And was influenced by the music I was listen to.

Kowareta Iku Sekai by ~Ka-bu-ki on deviantART

I really love girugämesh
and don't care about the senseless ä-Umlaut in the name

Full lyrics for  Kowareta Iku Sekai are behind the cut.

Lyrics and Video )


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