Jul. 22nd, 2009 08:58 pm
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... I'm tired, exhausted, a little bit pissed off.
And when I feel that way, I have either the urge for blood and violence or fluff.

Tonight I'm in a rather fluffy mood, freaked already twice today. And so I do what I wanted to do the goddamn last week: DRAW!

The new tablet rocks. I only have to get used to it. And: Size matters not !!!

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Car Pr0n

Jul. 11th, 2009 08:10 pm
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The whole reason why I started the update (which led to the database crash and the whole new Wordpress-Installation) was the intention to upload another sketch of mine. And as usual - it's all Nocti's fault.


At least this works now.
I wanted to clean up the line arts... that was the plan. And not spending the whole !"$ Saturday afternoon with the stupid wordpress-setup.
That is constantly interrupted because my cable-provider is utterly shit has problems with the connections.

If anybody wonders - I'm ready to kill anybody who dares to get on my nerves today just a little bit aggravated.

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After a nasty flu I try to catch up with the latest.
[ profile] nekojita, I feel so with you. Hanging around with a 39°C fever for more than five days isn't funny at all.
Serious Work was on hiatus, but I managed to finish some sketches, a doujinshi page w/o lettering and the cover for said doujinshi.
It will be utterly pwp (A Tseng/Rufus PWP) - and [ profile] 0_noctifer_0 is writing the storyboard.

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Since I'm still to sick to waste my Friday Night at a club I try to update my site tonight.
Really need to get into this social networking-crap asap.
Also I have to backup tons of stuff at my ij-account - poorly neglected that place.
And finish some images ...
I hope Oo
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Sorry for not answering any comments within the last two days - but I was feeling absolutely shitty. Couldn't sleep, was on a constant coffee high, tried to work and didn't get anything done.
Today it's a little bit better, but now the heat and sultry air is going to kill me.
Major headache weather.

But at least I finished one piece.

Catboy by ~Ka-bu-ki on deviantART
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Hrgn, no idea where this image popped up - but I just had to try to draw something catboyish.
First sketch looks okay I think, only the left leg is driving me insane. Damn perspective.

Image is behind the cut. I guess it's worksafe but you never know XD

Catboy )
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Eh, well ... another Tseng-image Oo
Started as quick coloration-practice. And was influenced by the music I was listen to.

Kowareta Iku Sekai by ~Ka-bu-ki on deviantART

I really love girugämesh
and don't care about the senseless ä-Umlaut in the name

Full lyrics for  Kowareta Iku Sekai are behind the cut.

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Why write?

Jul. 15th, 2008 05:56 pm
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I stuck with the translations of my fanfictions. To be precise - I'm too lazy at the moment to do so after work. And more or less in the mood to draw and sketch.
So I ended up with another doujinshi-project.

Butterflies isn't on hiatus, but the story will be rather dark, and I must admit it contains some autobiographical stuff - my personal way to cope with the shit that happened over the last five years. And it's though to draw and write it.

Perfection (Working title) will be lighter and I try to keep it in the traditional manga-style. And knowing myself I will fail miserably ^^

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At one point, one should think it's enough shit for a lifetime ...
Just, when I thought that finally everything would come into order and I could enjoy this summer, my mom had to go to the hospital. Her leg is really, really bad and I'm kind of freaking about it.
So if anybody asks - no, I'm not fine at the moment.
And if that wouldn't be enough I had last week a typist's neuritis. The name is so appropriate. But with my hand hurting like hell, I had some time, to catch up with Animes.
Did I mention I'm in love with Junichi Suwabe? Got hooked to his voice, when I watched Last Order for the first time.
So, if there's any man out there, who has a voice like him and the looks of Tseng - just check my profile and contact me asap...
MyAnimeList comes in pretty handy to find some Stuff of Suwabe.
And so I ended up with quite a nice list.
And a new favorite anime. Can be that I'm in a cheesy mood at the moment, but I really got into NANA. Not the typical kind of Anime I normally watch.
But I wasn't absolutely unproductive the last days and after my hand got better I finished a quick image in Remembrance of one of the best Animes ever. And PenPen rocks.

The other image I finally finished is an illustration of one of my favorite Shadowrun NPC's. Akira Shotozumi's little sister - a spoiled brat like he is.
Virtual Bunny
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But I'm still alive! More than ever!
Finally all boxes are empty. And within the next week I get a new mobile phone with a camera so that I can take some pictures of my new home.
My Mom just dropped in yesterday - and at first she was shocked about the size of a room. I can't blame her.
I moved from a 53 qm² apartment into a 12 qm² room. BUT I'm so happy with the decision. The people I'm living with are awesome. Both in their very own way.
M is rather quiet (and such a bishi ^.^) while K is the complete opposite to him. Punk-girl trough and trough. I already regret that she's going to move to Hamburg in September.
Is it so silly, that I have the feeling that this will be the best summer I had in ages? Is it so silly, that I have the feeling I'm catching up with something I've missed during the last years? And I have the first sunburn of the year. Bad thing to fall asleep on the balcony.

Whatever by ~Ka-bu-ki on deviantART

Besides enjoying the summer and settling down I use my free time to work on the doujinshi. 15 pages are already finished. But they need some revision. And I suck at cell-shading ^.^
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... since I can blame [ profile] 7th_raven for resuscitating an old passion of mine. And that is Cid/Vincent.
Damn, I still blame a stupid CG-Char for my kink on men with long black hair. And yet another blond seme ... well, the doujinshi doesn't contain any Yaoi. But the artwortk ... I tell you, the artwork!!! It just makes me drool. And you have no idea how long I was after this certain doujinshi, before I could call the book my own. Others cuddle with the bible, I have some doujinshis.

Title: Now if not forever is sometimes better than never
Artist: Psiki Keita
Pairing: none - just awesome artwork
Warnings: none
Type: raw
Website: Shinra a la turk (unfortunatlly not longer updated)
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2 PC-crashes later, the image is done ... the work in progress title was all [ profile] vulpes_demonica fault. Blame on her ^^
And since [ profile] the_wereowl has to keep up with all my Tseng-fangirling the image is dedicated to those two lovely ladies (*cough* I'm so nice sometimes ... don't know if ladies and lovely are the right words for those two ^_~)

Since I believe the image to be worksafe I safe myself the cut.

Follow me by ~Ka-bu-ki on deviantART

Really the first real render I finished within weeks. And most of the image is post-worked. The original doesn't look spectacular at all.

And tons of thanks to Arki for the best scar texture, that's on the market.
You can get it at her rdna-store.


Jan. 25th, 2008 11:51 am
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Grrrr ... Vincent can be such a bitch sometimes :P I don't want the style all cute and chibi, so I had to sketch a lot. Not quite satisfied, but it's close to what I have in mind.
And yes, I'll draw him in Turk's uniform.
Creative freedom or so =^.^=

Edit: Sometimes I hate it when [ profile] the_wereowl is right ... so I start the face from scrap again. Vincent looks to nice and to Chinese ... Need more coffee...

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