Jul. 7th, 2010 04:19 pm
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Sometimes I wish I would have handy connections to any villain country and enough money to buy an a-bomb ... but if I would have, I wouldn't be in the situation I am in right now.
So - there's this huge Game Company in the US, that searches desperately for people who can write and speak fluent German. I know, me being German doesn't necessarily includes that my writing skills are excellent. But well, with my grown ego I'm the opinion they're decent enough.
Said Game Company is a little bit in stress to publish a certain game in time. So they need people who check the German version for any spelling mistakes etc blabla. Crunchtime at its best. And a job that would last from end of July to the middle of August.
A job I already had in my pocket. If .... and here comes the part with my need for a-bombs the Arbeitsamt would tag along.

  1. The Job is in the States...

  2. I would earn to much money

  3. Since the Arbeitsamt is paying my rent, they can decide where I'm allowed to go

not that this would be my bigtime chance!!! but QA for a GAME COMPANY has nothing to do with my future job as GAME DESIGNER ... at least not in there records!!!

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Since I had to realize that I'm a social nerd I decided it's better for me to hide in my imaginary basement behind my computer and coffeecup.
I try to motivate myself to keep up with drawing and writing, but to be honest - at the moment I feel drained. I will not go to the connichi as planned - can't stand to have any happy cosplayers around me for the moment.

Codes are so beautiful neutral.

And on top of it all, my weekend was horrible. Saturday, I slipped on my kitchen floor and hit my head at a door frame. The result: a concussion and a big bruise. NOT FUNNY!!!

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I have no clue what came first - the review or the idea for the image...

Nocti and me just received one of the best reviews ever. And I know, I shouldn't make jokes about people who make the effort to write a review, but it's too good. (And besides this one little question it's a sweet review - I still have no clue why people love this crack-fic so much Oo)
The synopsis: Where did you guys got the information that Tseng's Wutainese? Or did you make it up?

pssst, I'm telling you all a secret here - it's only my kink for Asian guys with long black hair ...

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it's f***ing lilac!!!
I believed it to be a joke when I saw IT the first time, but Sony seems to be dead serious.
Just check the trailers.
Cliches and more cliches. Give girls a Hannah Montana-Game and they're obviously happy...
I'm really not a bra-burning feminist, but this add-campaign is an epic!fail from my point of view.

Wasted a few seconds on the quiz and got the result, every nerd should have:


And now I have to reinstall Doom3

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