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... and the sun turns around the earth.


Never ever ask me if I take out the pest in the ass dog before I haven't had my coffee. It may result in a reaction similar to Tseng's.

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After a nasty flu I try to catch up with the latest.
[livejournal.com profile] nekojita, I feel so with you. Hanging around with a 39°C fever for more than five days isn't funny at all.
Serious Work was on hiatus, but I managed to finish some sketches, a doujinshi page w/o lettering and the cover for said doujinshi.
It will be utterly pwp (A Tseng/Rufus PWP) - and [livejournal.com profile] 0_noctifer_0 is writing the storyboard.

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Since I'm still to sick to waste my Friday Night at a club I try to update my site tonight.
Really need to get into this social networking-crap asap.
Also I have to backup tons of stuff at my ij-account - poorly neglected that place.
And finish some images ...
I hope Oo

Why write?

Jul. 15th, 2008 05:56 pm
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I stuck with the translations of my fanfictions. To be precise - I'm too lazy at the moment to do so after work. And more or less in the mood to draw and sketch.
So I ended up with another doujinshi-project.

Butterflies isn't on hiatus, but the story will be rather dark, and I must admit it contains some autobiographical stuff - my personal way to cope with the shit that happened over the last five years. And it's though to draw and write it.

Perfection (Working title) will be lighter and I try to keep it in the traditional manga-style. And knowing myself I will fail miserably ^^

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Fearless by ~Ka-bu-ki on deviantART

Just a quick Reno-Sketch. For some reason I hate to draw him (ok, it's the hair that drives me nuts ^.^)
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I wanted a clean and simple layout - I really wanted ... but well - it's me. And as longer as I work on the new site the more things I find, I want to change.

Me needs more color. Working on somewhat of a retro-scheme that will keep the green, a little bit of blue and the egg-white.
At least I found a nifty alternative to gallery2. Something that isn't as quite as bitchy.
So, the gallery is working ...

And maybe I manage to finish the other stuff too I wanted to do this weekend. Like finishing the 16th page of my doujinshi or the Yuffi/Rufus-fanfic I promised Terazuma ... no idea which Muse stormed through the door with this plotbunny. But it's already ~1300 words and fun to write.

And on a completely different note: I like the new wordpress-thingy. After first confusion I figured it's really easy to handle. And the best (for me) I figured some of the coding. Like I said: Layoutmania.
Will change the headlines and probably the font too. Not quite sure about it yet. And as Arki pointed out, I need new banners ...
Oh joy - it's weekend ^.^
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Butterflies Cover Butterflies Cover
Yeah, and finally finished the cover-artwork. ^^ And still sit between boxes and bags. But I'm working at a desk again. Pretty cool for the workflow.

And I really hope that at the end of the week things will really be back to normal. At the moment I'm so exhausted that I just crash to bed at the end of the day.
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Good thing about having no internet: I have the muse to draw. Images are pretty dark and the text that goes along too.
As far the lettering is only in German, and it's more a personal project - Rats in the Walls is on hiatus for the moment (Until Arki and me have both the time and muse to work further on the story-line since it's a co-op)
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... since I can blame [livejournal.com profile] 7th_raven for resuscitating an old passion of mine. And that is Cid/Vincent.
Damn, I still blame a stupid CG-Char for my kink on men with long black hair. And yet another blond seme ... well, the doujinshi doesn't contain any Yaoi. But the artwortk ... I tell you, the artwork!!! It just makes me drool. And you have no idea how long I was after this certain doujinshi, before I could call the book my own. Others cuddle with the bible, I have some doujinshis.

Title: Now if not forever is sometimes better than never
Artist: Psiki Keita
Pairing: none - just awesome artwork
Warnings: none
Type: raw
Website: Shinra a la turk (unfortunatlly not longer updated)


Feb. 4th, 2008 03:53 am
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Updated 'Rats in the Walls' - seven pages are up now, and I'm working on the 8th. Actually I had hoped to finish two pages today but ... well ... I'm sooo slow sometimes and too tired to draw humans.
Bodycount is up to two - I really wonder when I get flagged at Animexx.
Two dead bodies and not a single hint on a pairing - can't take long until I get the notice that it's not approbate.
On another note - I read a lot today on my f-list about the new *feature* and decided I leave my journal as it is. Since I'm crossposting most of my stuff anyways it doesn't make much sense to go opsomething.
The personal stuff is friendslocked anyways.
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Just sorted my Doujinshi-collection. And I know it's hard to find some of the stuff. So I'm going to upload a part of the scans that I have collected over the years within the next days. If any credit is missing, please drop me a line.

There's no special order in which the stuff is put here, and it's a wild mixture of pairings. If you download them, a comment would be nice, so that I know if it makes sense to use my server-space for it or not.

But all credit goes to the artists and scanlation-groups.

Edit: thanks alot to [livejournal.com profile] moussajinx and the anonymous user for the link and artist ^.^

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