Jul. 30th, 2009 11:57 am
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The dog is so cute - I want to have the dog. Really ^.^

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To put it the nice way: the weekend was fucked up wasn't like I expected it to be. It was nice in the end, but not at all, like it should have been.
I'm still pretty depressed about it, and about other not really good news. So I keep any updates to harmless blabla.

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Another news from the wired makes me a semi happy bunny.
Castelvania comes to the movies, directed by James Wan, who also directed and produced the first Saw-Movie (the only one I liked, but that's my humble opinion).
A mixture of horror, gore and bishonen is the stuff I need at the moment.

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There I was bitching about the planned adoption of my favorite book to the big screen.

And now my second favorite book returns to the screen again. Directed by my second favorite Director, staring my favorite actor.

This is definatly a MUST-WATCH next year.

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It's Comic-Con and I wish I could be there.
(OK - I'm visiting Noc for the weekend... and I'm such a happy bunny. Munich is nearly as good as the Comic-Con ... no, it's better because I'm with my girls .)

Magdalena by Nebezial

But trying to be up to date I stumpled upon a news which made my day - My favorite nun seems to hit the big screen.
And this time I hope it will be a fun B-movie to watch. Most comic adaptions seem to follow the same pattern of trashy concept art and crude storyline (excluding Watchmen and the latest Batman-movies). Perfect, if you have some good friends around, popcorn and booze.

Reminds me - I have to stuff some DVD's in my backpack

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