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Jan. 9th, 2010 02:40 pm
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… at least I hope so. We have to do this crazy project at school. SEO for beginners. And somebody came up with the great word ‘Kernzerteilungsmaschine’ – well, finally I entered the competition and my Kernzerteilungsmaschinen development blog is in progress.
I know, it’s German and it will not make much sense at the moment. And the layout is the WP-Standard for the beginning. Have to code a decent one asap.
And now I’m cheating I ask for a little help – if anybody hasn’t anything better to do, it would be so helpful sweet, if ‘Project Kernzerteilungsmaschine’ could be mentioned and linked in lifejournal posts or/and at facebook notes. twitter also serves the cause XD

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And what a year it has been.
With too much ups and downs to count. But nevertheless the best year of the decade. Seems my personal magick number is the 09. And although my friends believe I’m the personification of a working triangulate system …
(yes, no, maybe – yeah, right … in 20 years you’ll be able to distinguish a PC’s gender by this. For sure.

“My PC thinks dual – it’s male.”
“Lucky one. Mine isn’t sure, if she should install the latest updates. And as much as I tell her, it is okay – she always ask if I’m sure about it. If I’m absolutely sure about it. And if I’m not telling lies to please her.”

- and now I better don’t ask myself why I have to giggle at the moment.)

… I found my personal recurrent theme. And finally I’m glued to it. Schemes and Systematics. My keywords for ‘09. And hopefully for the rest of my life.
Welcome to Geek-town.

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Dec. 16th, 2009 12:38 am
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What happens if you try to learn for the ‘Standard Software’-Test?

You feel exactly like those kittens…

found @ 11k2

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Just three more tests to go – tomorrow and Monday will be hell for me. Tomorrow I have to write a test in java-programming. And it’s not the programming itself which drives me nuts. Actually I love it. Who would have thought so one year ago? For sure I wouldn’t…

But I have to catch up on math. Haven’t done that for ten years. And I had to realize that I miss some basics. Basics I need at Monday for the math-test *droop*


But for today I closed my books. Informationoverflow at the moment.

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Just a little thing I came across while doing my homework – hexspeak.
And suddenly I have a relation to the whole converting from one base to another. Maybe it’s my sense of humor, but to use 0BADF00D to clear locked index.dat files shows that Microsoft’s programmer are still human.
I need silly stuff like this magic numbers to find a grip on mathematics. They make my inner child happy.

… and just because I have to practice the hardcoding of tables, here are some more examples

Code Description
0xCAFED00D ‘cafe dude’ is used by Sun JAVA as a magic number for their pack200 compression
0xDEADBABE ‘dead babe’ is used by IBM Jikes RVM as a sanity check of the stack of the primary thread
0xCAFEBABE ‘cafe babe’ is used in Java to identify Java bytecode class files
my personal favorite: 0xDEADDEAD ‘dead dead’ is the bug check (STOP) code displayed when invoking a Blue Screen of Death either by telling the kernel via the attached debugger, or by using a special keystroke combination

And no … I will not waste a single thought on the fact that stuff like this puts a wide grin on my face.

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Spent at least an hour searching for some high-res close-ups of Tseng. And found … ZERO. And all because I want to make a high-detailed 3d-Image.
Does the guy have grey eyes? Or brown? Questions over questions …
and just because I love this scene so much

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Either I'm really masochistic or I have no better clue what to do with my free time. I installed Poser 8 and am torturing my poor machine atm.
Poser and indirect lighting is a chapter on its own. And if it wouldn't be such a pain in the ass, to transfer all the textures to 3dsmax I would stick to my dear Autodesk-program.

And while I wait that the indirect light is precalculated I sort my music collection. One of my classmates wrote a really nifty little program, that makes life a lot easier.

And a short update on life with windows 7: PC is behaving damn well. Although I really need a new graphic card and more RAM.
And since I'm just slightly crazy I know that I'll get my hands on at least 2 gig more RAM asap and will stick with maccaroni and cheese for the next weeks.

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The fun continues - and I think it will be like this for the next few weeks. Today it was one of the many updatates and the release of a new Wacom-driver that forced most programms to shut down.

Needed a cup of coffee and extensiv reading of bug-reports until I found the solution.

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But RL took it's toll. I'm officially back to school. And the last week I had so much input that I wasn't in the mood to either draw, write or render anything.
My mind was occupied with things like 'WTF is an int?' and do I need to finish the line of coding with a semicolon or not? And how in the name of all gods do I convert (5746)8 into a hexa decimal code.
The answer (if anybody's interested) is: (5746)8 = (101111100110)2 = (BE6)16 - Thanks Escalbryt XD
And besides that I had fun with installing Windows 7.
Since I still had XP running on my machine I had to make a clean install.
Which wasn't that complicated. And even if I never believed, I would say it - but I really recommend the upgrade from XP to Windows 7.
It's a pain in the ass to reinstall all programs, but the effort is worth it. My machine runs smooth on 64-bit and after I've update my graphic card's driver which will need just another update after I exchanged my old NVidia 7300 with a *cough* better one programms like Photoshop do their job perfectly.
Although I haven't tested any games yet.
An update on how old games are running will follow soon. Within the next two weeks we'll have a LAN-Party. And the first big task will be to get all PCs to work in the same network... XP, Vista and Win7 in the same network - it'll involve a lot of cusing and liters of coffee.

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The move in the new office is nearly done and I fight with the Mac. Call me an idiot, but I prefer Windows-systems.

But two things made me laugh this morning. And a good laugh is certainly what I need in these days.
First was the daily cartoon @ Penny-Arcade

And my personal Quote of the day found at wired:
The Xbox 360 Arcade (better known among hardcore gamers as the Xbox 360 Your Elite Red-Ringed Out of Warranty So Why Spend The Money On An Extra Hard Drive You Wont Use) is still priced at $200.

Once you worked for the xbox-support you fully understand the meaning of this words.

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