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A little bit late ...

... not directly related to any idiots who think it's fun to bully people who have a purple skin-color, tentacles or are by any chances gay. I just love the lyrics.

It's just ... smut. And Freedom of Speech. And maybe in a strange way connected to one of the things I really love about the US-Constitution (says someone who hasn't US-Citizenship): The Pursuit of Happiness next to All men are created equal

Just a kind reminder to all those damn idiots out there: It's written down! It's constitutional.

And it's something, called human sense. No matter where you live. May it be the USA, Germany or a little former Planet called Pluto. But as a decent human being you have no right to pick on another being because you don't like the color of its skin, the way it talks or its sexual preferences.
If you think that the great Spaghetti Monster, God or Darwin put you above any other being ... sorry, you're WRONG!!! You're just another funny little thing, evolution has come up with. Not better than a Protozoa. And those really don't care about such unimportant things like 'Ohw my holy Sunbeam, did you know that Bob jumps on James and that Jane and Ann decided to combine their RDNA?' Not that it matters, cause last time I checked, Protozoa counted as asexual.

I'm sick of people who judge others by their believes, looks, sexuality.

To quote Tom Lehrer:

For filth (I'm glad to say) is in
the mind of the beholder.
When correctly viewed,
Everything is lewd.

Sexuality is in the whatsoevergod mind of the beholder! If you're male and don't like to get laid by men - fine. If you're a woman and don't like that female hands move over your body - so be it. But please, keep your torches and forks at home.


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