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5057.jpgAfter another night of insomnia I decided to work a little on my profile at myAnimeList.
Added some animes, voice actors and mangas.
And found some nice stuff I just have to share.
It’s no big secret that I have developed a serious crush on Tseng - men in suits are sexy. And well, I love his voice in Last Order.
myAnimeList is pretty helpfull to find some more animes staring Junichi Suwabe.
And when I found this all hope was lost. C’mon … it’s so tripple y! YAKUZA, YAOI, YUMMY!!! Of course I had to rush to Aarinfantasy to get the fansub. And it’s a blond Seme for a change.
Another really promising anime is Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto, not Yaoi, not staring Suwabe in a main role, totally diffrent genre but it looks quite promising. Samurai are hot too.
And the list of animes I have to watch is growing. Vampire Knight is airing in April. Another one I really want to watch. Also I get my Takehito Koyasu-fix with Hellsing Ultimate - oh, and the Allucard-fix too.
No, I’m not obsessed with animes. Not at all…
And now I see myself looking out for Bleach. It’s staring so many of my favorite voice actors, that I’m afraid there’s not a way around it anymore.

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Long weekend - yay ....

And updated my Gallery. Hope that this time my Server doesn't crash right after I have typed something about the Update.

Full images can be seen at Solokuenstler
Sorry for the lack of information, but although it is 4:30pm I feel awfully tired and think I crawl back to bed now.
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Jeez - I had a working flash through the last few weeks ... and completely forgot to update my gallery.
So here we go ... Lots of images. (Just click on the thumbs to get to the gallery.)

kian ashOne_wing feeeedern

Btw - this is a crosspost to my own site but at 4 am I'm to lazy to think about another text.


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